How To Take Boudoir Photos With An iPhone?

How To Take Boudoir Photos With An iPhone
Written by Wesley Bates

Boudoir photography is an intimate type of art by which you capture sensual and artistic images. If you have an iPhone, you do not need to hire a professional boudoir photographer to take your pictures. You can just take boudoir photos with an iPhone and capture your confident and glamourous self.

Capturing Boudoir Photos with an iPhone

You do not need a helping hand while capturing your boudoir photos but you can still ask for help if you think you cannot multitask alone. Just take a hold of your iPhone and prepare with the following steps:

1- Pick a Good Location

Pick a Good Location

The most important thing for capturing boudoir photos with an iPhone is a location that lets your inner self shine.

Cozy bedrooms, luxurious hotels and even outdoor places can become a perfect photography spot for you.

Also make sure to pick a place that has enough lightning to set your mood. The lightning can be soft, sultry, diffused or dramatic, according to the theme you are going with.

2- Style Yourself

A photo isn’t boudoir unless the model has a good dressing and style. Pick outfits that make you feel confident and bold. You can experiment with different styles and see what captures yourself fully.

Do your make up that matches with the look you are going for.  Do not forget to include jewelry and heels in your styling. 

3- Set Your Equipment

After preparing yourself for the shoot, now comes the time to set your equipment to capture your intimate photos. You can also use a tripod for better stability even though it isn’t that necessary. To make sure that your iPhone is completely ready for the shoot, optimize it with the following ways:

  • The iPhone has to have a sharp focus on the subject. Tap the screen to lock in the focus on the subject.
  • Adjust the exposure by swiping up and down and balance the brightness and contrast according to your preference.
  • Activate the grid lines on iPhone for better composition.

Enhancing Boudoir Photos on iPhone

Now that your iPhone is set to take photos, you need to put in some effort too to enhance the boudoir photos that are being taken. Make sure to keep these things in mind while doing boudoir photography:

1- Lightning

A good lightning while boudoir photography can make or break your photo. Natural lightning is soft and flattering but it is inconsistent.

Artificial lighting can provide you consistency but you need to diffuse it to capture good pictures. Experiment with the different angles of lightning to take stunning pictures.

2- Pose Confidently

Pose Confidently

Confidence is the key to taking boudoir photos. Keep your posture straight, relax your body and pose in a way that highlights your best features. Add touches that create visual mysteries but ensure that the focal point of your body isn’t hidden. 

3- Use Features of iPhone Camera

The iPhone camera has many features that are helpful in taking good boudoir pictures. Portrait Mode is a great way to capture yourself in depth. Enable the self-timer and burst mode to capture an ideal photo without anyone’s help.

The built-in editing tools in the iPhone are great for quick editing and letting your creativity shine so you do not need to download any photo editing apps for it. Use the iPhone to full extent to capture captivating and powerful boudoir photos.

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