How To See Who Tried To Unlock Your iPhone?

How To See Who Tried To Unlock Your iPhone
Written by Wesley Bates

Your phone privacy is one of the most important things and if someone tries to unlock your iPhone, you should be aware of this.

Many iPhone users have asked about whether they can see who tries to unlock their iPhone or not. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to monitor and identify someone who locked your iPhone.

Some Ways to Check if Someone Tried to Unlock Your iPhone

Some Ways to Check if Someone Tried to Unlock Your iPhone

If you are suspicious that someone has taken your iPhone and has tried to unlock it, you can check it with the following ways:

1- Check Password Attempts

If you see that there are only one or two unlock attempts left on your iPhone and you weren’t the one unlocking the phone, this means someone has tried to unlock your iPhone without you knowing.

If someone had tried to unlock the iPhone using touch ID or face ID, they wouldn’t be able to unlock the iPhone but there would be a message saying “Fingerprint or Face not recognized”.

2- Your iPhone Will be Disabled

If any person has tried to unlock your iPhone several times but failed, the iPhone will automatically get disabled and you won’t be able to unlock it yourself before some specific time. This is a clear indication that someone was trying to unlock your iPhone.

3- Check Your Recent Apps

If someone was successful in unlocking your iPhone, they must have tried to go to some apps on your iPhone.

Check your most recent apps and if you do not remember opening those apps, it can mean that someone unlocked your iPhone. 

4- Check Screen Time

If someone unlocked the iPhone and went to some app that you don’t usually use, it will show up on your iPhone screen time. Check the screen time from iPhone Settings and keep check of your device security.

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