How To Use ESIM On Locked iPhone?

How To Use ESIM On Locked iPhone
Written by Wesley Bates

Your iPhone usually gets locked when you are traveling or there are no network service provider plan subscriptions on your iPhone.

When you have a locked iPhone, you cannot use the eSIM as it cannot get connected to other networks automatically. So what to do in that situation?

How to Tell that iPhone is Locked and eSIM is not Working?

When your iPhone gets locked, you will receive a message telling you that your data plans from the network provider cannot be added.

How to Tell that iPhone is Locked and eSIM is not Working

If you have missed the message, you can still check whether your iPhone is locked or not by going into the Settings.

  • Open the Settings and click on General on your iPhone.
  • Now go to About and scroll down until you see Network Provider Lock.
  • You will see if your iPhone has any SIM restrictions or not.
How to Tell that iPhone is Locked and eSIM is not Working

Using eSIM on Locked iPhone

Once you are sure that your iPhone is locked, there raises a question about how to use eSIM on a locked iPhone. You can not use eSIM until your iPhone is locked. So, your first move should be unlocking your iPhone so you can use the eSIM.

1- Contact Your Network Service Provider

Contact the service provider of the network you are using and ask them to unlock your iPhone for eSIM use. You will have a carrier name listed in your iPhone settings. 

2- Request the iPhone Unlock from the Seller

You can also request your seller to unlock your iPhone if you have purchased it second hand or from a third party. Upon requesting, your iPhone will probably get unlocked and you will be able to use eSIM on it.

3- Pay Some Extra Fees

Sometimes you need to pay some extra fees or amount to unlock your iPhone. Paying off extra is good if you can use eSIM services completely.

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