iFunBox Crashes When iPhone Is Connected? Here’s How To Fix It

iFunBox Crashes When iPhone Is Connected Here’s How To Fix It
Written by Wesley Bates

iFunBox is user-friendly software that lets you manage your files on your iPhone and iPad and help them transfer to your computer using a USB cable.

Many users have been complaining that their iFunBox crashes when connecting to the iPhone. So you are not alone, as many other users are also looking for a solution to this problem.

So what is the reason for the iFunBox not responding when the iPhone is plugged in? Let’s find out.

Why does the iFunBox Crashes Immediately After Connecting to the iPhone?

Why does the iFunBox Crashes Immediately After Connecting to the iPhone

There can be several reasons for it. We are going to talk about them in detail below.

1- Compatibility Issues:

If your iPhone’s version isn’t compatible with iFunBox’s version, it can cause a crash when you are trying to connect your iPhone to it. This happens when you have updated to the latest version of iOS but haven’t updated your iFunBox.

2- Issues With USB Cable:

If your USB cable has any problems, iFunBox will crash as soon as it’s connected to the iPhone. Make sure your USB is connected properly, and if the issue is still there, try changing the cable.

3- Security Issues:

Apple has leveled up its security starting with the iPhone 8. So this can be a reason why your iPhone isn’t connected to the iFunBox. You need to authorize your iPhone to connect it with iFunBox, as Apple has restricted its connectivity with third-party apps.

4- Conflict with Other Softwares:

If you have some other softwares installed on your computer, it can create issues with the iPhone and iFunBox connections. This mostly happens if you have a firewall or some antivirus software running in the background of your computer.

5- Outdated Version of iFunBox:

If you have an outdated version of iFunBox, chances are that it isn’t compatible with your iPhone. This can be a reason iFunBox does not respond when the iPhone is plugged in.

Ways for Resolving iFunBox Compatibility Issues

Ways for Resolving iFunBox Compatibility Issues

Don’t worry if you are having to troubleshoot iFunBox compatibility issues with your iPhone, because they can be solved easily if you know the issue. Let’s see what you can do for fixing iFunBox crashing on iPhone connection.

1- Update the iPhone and iFunBox:

Make sure that your iPhone and your iFunBox is updated to its latest version. Updating iFunBox for better iphone compatibility can fix your issue without considering other options for solving your problem.

2- Make Sure Your Cable Isn’t the Problem:

This tip is for fixing iFunBox freezing when connecting to the iPhone– Always check that the cable is working properly. If it isn’t, buy a new one so the iPhone can connect to iFunBox easily.

3- Restart the Computer and iPhone:

Sometimes the problem with connectivity issues is only temporary which can go away if you restart your computer, iPhone or both devices.

4- Disable Other Softwares:

If you have any other softwares running in the background, disable them as they can be the reason for interrupting the connection with your iPhone and iFunBox.

5- Contact iFunBox’s Support Team:

If doing all of the above mentioned things didn’t help, contact the iFunBox’s support team and explain your issue to them. They can give you a solution or tell you if iFunBox is experiencing any issues at the moment.

Alternative File Management Tools for the iPhone:

If you are still having problems with iFunBox and looking for some alternative options, check these out:

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