What Happens When You Reset Statistics On An iPhone?

What Happens When You Reset Statistics On An iPhone
Written by Wesley Bates

If you are someone who has an iPhone, you must have noticed a Reset Statistics option in your iPhone settings. It isn’t a very popular option to use among users, so not many people know what happens when they reset statistics on their iPhone. 

What resetting statistics on the iPhone actually does is that it resets your cellular data period to 0. Moreover, it also monitors cellular data usage and network statistics.

In this article, we will get to know how resetting statistics on the iPhone works and what changes it brings to the phone in detail.

What Changes Resetting Statistics Bring to the iPhone?

When you reset statistics on an iPhone, it clears all your data usage information and helps in monitoring the cellular data from the start. It is useful for users who want to monitor their monthly data usage or want to match their data usage to their monthly data billing cycle. 

Resetting statistics do not reset your other data, apps or settings from your iPhone. It only resets the cellular data or wifi network usage.

Steps to Reset Statistics on iPhone:

Steps to Reset Statistics on iPhone

If you want to reset statistics on your iPhone for data usage monitoring and tracking, go to your iPhone settings. After that, follow these steps:

  • From settings, click on the Cellular tab.
  • Scroll to the bottom, until you see Reset Statistics and click on it.
  • Confirm the action and your network statistics will be reset.

It is recommended that you reset your data usage at the start of each billing cycle, so you can monitor your data consumption more accurately. 

When Should You Reset Your Data Statistics?

When Should You Reset Your Data Statistics

There is no right answer as to when you should reset your iphone data statistics. Some people never do so but some do it to track and analyze their data usage statistics.

Most people reset their data statistics on their iPhone when their cellular carrier billing period starts. It is the best time to reset statistics on my iPhone.

Why Reset Statistics on iPhone?

Apart from data tracking, there are also some more advantages of resetting statistics on an iPhone. These advantages are:

1- Battery Usage Analysis:

When you reset the app battery statistics on an iPhone, it gives you a complete analysis of which apps are consuming more data and battery on your iPhone. This way you can optimize your battery life.

2- Privacy:

Resetting statistics on an iPhone can help you maintain your privacy in case you have lent or sold your iPhone to someone. They won’t be able to know data usage and app activity history.

3- Performance Troubleshooting:

You can also reset statistics on the iPhone if you are experiencing some performance troubleshooting of cellular data. Resetting the statistics will help the data to perform activities from a fresh start.

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