How To Access Samsung Cloud On iPhone

How To Access Samsung Cloud On iPhone
Written by Wesley Bates

If you own an iPhone, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Samsung Cloud and are curious about whether you can use it on your phone. You can sync, backup, and recover content from your smartphone using Samsung Cloud. 

You may easily browse images on all devices, and you won’t lose anything vital to you. You can utilize Samsung Cloud to replicate your data, so you won’t lose any even if you replace your phone.

 The good news is that iOS and Android devices can use Samsung Cloud. This article will teach you how to sync Samsung Cloud on your iPhone.

What is Samsung Cloud?

It’s crucial to understand which kind of data storage services the Samsung cloud offers before we get started. Users may sync and back up their data between Samsung smartphones with it.

 With Samsung Cloud, you can back up your contacts, messages, movies, images, and more. It’s a practical method of maintaining the safety and accessibility of your critical data.

Step 1: Get the Samsung Cloud App:

Downloading the Samsung Cloud app is the first step towards using Samsung Cloud on your iPhone. Search for “Samsung Cloud” on the iPhone App Store to accomplish this. After locating the program, install it on your smartphone by clicking the download icon.

Step 2: Access your Samsung account and log in:

After downloading the app, log in to your Samsung account. By selecting the “Sign up” option on the login page, you may establish a Samsung account if you don’t already have one. To create your account, adhere to the instructions.

Step 3: Sync Your Info:

After logging into your Samsung account, you may begin syncing your data to Samsung Cloud. To accomplish this, click the “Sync” button on the app’s home screen. You can select which information to sync, including contacts, images, videos, etc.

Step 4: Utilize Your iPhone’s Data Access:

You may access your data on your iPhone by launching the Samsung Cloud app and entering into your account once it has synchronized with Samsung Cloud. You may access your contacts, images, videos, and other data from the app.

You may download the Samsung Cloud app for your PC and sync your data with it if you want to access your data from other apps on your iPhone, such as the Photos app.

You may use iTunes or other file transfer software to move your files to your iPhone after it has synchronized with your PC.

If I remove Samsung Cloud, what would happen?

If I remove Samsung Cloud, what would happen

You will be prompted to enter your Samsung account password to erase or wipe your Samsung Cloud data fully.

All devices connected to the same Samsung account will have auto-sync turned off instantly. The server will permanently delete all images and videos stored on Samsung Cloud which cannot be recovered.

Bottom lines:

In conclusion, downloading the Samsung Cloud app and logging into your Samsung account will allow you to access Samsung Cloud on your iPhone easily. After data synchronization with your iPhone and other devices may readily access your data on Samsung Cloud.

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