How Many Decibels Is The iPhone At Full Volume?

How Many Decibels Is The iPhone At Full Volume
Written by Wesley Bates

Sometimes you must have wondered about how many decibels is the iPhone at full volume. There are different decibel levels for iPhones in different countries. But the highest dB level for an iPhone is 110-115 in the USA. That’s the highest dB level an iPhone can go to at full volume.

Highest dB Level in an iPhone

Highest dB Level in an iPhone

An iPhone can go as high as 115dB at full volume, but sometimes it can be heard as 95 to 100dB. Comparing the decibel level in human conversation that is about 60dB, it is still a very high decibel level.

Listening to High Volume on iPhone

Apple has put some time limits for listening to high volumes on the iPhone. These limits are:

  • A volume of 80 db for no more than five hours a day.
  • 85dB only for two hours.
  • 90dB for 30 minutes a day.
  • A volume of 95db just for ten minutes a day.
  • Volume of 100dB for only three minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the Decibel Level on iPhone per Click?

An iPhone has the highest volume of 110 decibels. To reach the highest volume on speakers, you have to click the volume button 16 times. This makes about 6.8 decibels per click. 

Can Headphones Change the Decibel Level of an iPhone?

The decibel level of iPhone on speakers and iPhone on headphones can be different. If you have poor quality headphones, you have to keep on turning the volume up because of background noises. The decibel for it can reach up to 100dB and that can be very harmful for your ears. It is best to invest in some noise canceling headphones so your decibel level doesn’t rise a lot and stay between 60dB to 80dB.

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