How To Delete CougarD Account On iPhone?

How To Delete CougarD Account On iPhone
Written by Wesley Bates

Many users make their dating account on CougarD but don’t know how to cancel or delete it. CougarD does offer a lot of dating opportunities but there also comes a time, when you want to delete its account. So, in this article we will tell you how to delete CougarD account on iPhone.

Steps for CougarD Account Deletion on iPhone:

Steps for CougarD Account Deletion on iPhone

There are some steps that you need to follow in order to delete your CougarD account on iPhone quickly. Following is an explanation for those steps:

1- Log In to Your CougarD Account

First step is to log in to your CougarD account by using your email and password on mobile app.

2- Go to the Settings of CougarD

Once you have logged in to the CougarD account, navigate to the app Settings at the top right corner of your screen of your iPhone.

3- Go to Manage Accounts 

In the settings, look for “Account Settings” option. You will see two options there; Manage Account and Delete Account.

4- Click on Delete Account

To delete your CougarD account on iPhone, click on “Delete Account” and your account will be deleted. CougarD may ask you to re enter your email and password to confirm the deletion process.

These are all the basic steps for profile removal on CougarD on iPhone.

Reasons why You are Unable to Delete Your CougarD Account on iPhone

Reasons why You are Unable to Delete Your CougarD Account on iPhone

There can be some reasons why you are unable to delete your CougarD account:

1- You Have Forgotten Your Login Details

If you do not remember your login details, you will not be able to download your CougarD account. It is important to know your account details for deleting the account.

2- You Have a Premium Account

If you have a premium account on CougarD, the account deletion criteria is a little different. First, you have to unsubscribe from your premium plan on CougarD on iPhone and then delete the account as mentioned in detail above.

Why to Delete CougarD Account when we Can Just Keep it Inactive?

CougarD, and other dating apps, use your private information to connect you with other people. Most people choose to keep their account inactive, but do not delete it. Deleting your account can make sure that all your private information has also been deleted from the app.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I recover my deleted CougarD account?

Once your CougarD account is deleted, you can recover it back within a certain period by asking CougarD Life’s support.

Is my data completely removed from CougarD when I delete my account?

Yes, your data will be removed from the CougarD profile after you delete your account.

What if I have a premium subscription at the time of deleting my CougarD account?

If you have a premium CougarD account, unsubscribe from it before account deletion to avoid further charges.

How much time does the CougarD deletion process take?

Your CougarD account will be deleted immediately after your are done with deletion steps.

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