How To Take A Picture Of Polaroid On An iPhone?

How To Take A Picture Of Polaroid On An iPhone
Written by Wesley Bates

The iPhone doesn’t have any built-in feature that helps to take the picture of a polaroid on the iPhone. The pictures on polaroids are beautiful but not digital.

But sometimes you need to digitize your photos to keep them as a memory on your iPhone. In this situation, there are some apps that come in handy where you can take pictures of polaroids and save them on your iPhone.

Ways for Taking a Picture of Polaroid on iPhone:

Ways for Taking a Picture of Polaroid on iPhone

There are certain ways on the iPhone that you can use if you want to take an iPhone photo of a polaroid. Some of these ways are:

1- Taking Photo of Polaroid on Notes App

The iPhone has a Notes App where you can write or take notes of different things. The Notes app also has a camera to take pictures. You can take the picture of polaroid on iPhone using Notes App to keep its vintage aesthetics without ruining the quality:

  • Open the Notes App on iPhone and locate the camera icon.
  • Once the camera is opened, take the picture of the polaroid where there is better lighting.
  • Once it is saved on Notes, click the picture you have taken until it is opened on the Notes app.
  • Now take the screenshot of the polaroid.
  • Now go to your Gallery on iPhone and crop and edit the photo of the polaroid however you want.

2- Taking Photo of Polaroid on Polaroid App

Taking Photo of Polaroid on Polaroid App

Polaroid is an app for iPhone that lets you take pictures of polaroids without compromising on quality. To take the picture on App Polaroid:

  • Download the app from the App Store and open it on iPhone.
  • Click on the “Scan” option to take a picture of the polaroid.
  • Take the picture where the lighting is perfect.
  • The best thing about the Polaroid app is that it doesn’t take pictures of the polaroid’s white edges, instead just focuses on the photo on the polaroid.

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