How Many Decibels Is An iPhone At Lowest Volume?

How Many Decibels Is An iPhone At Lowest Volume
Written by Wesley Bates

iPhones have one of the loudest speakers among smartphones and even their lowest volumes can be heard higher than expected.

Different iPhone models have different decibel levels and they can also vary from region to region. But how come recent iPhones do not have very high decibel levels? 

Sound Level of iPhone at Minimum Volume

Sound Level of iPhone at Minimum Volume

When you mute the iPhone, its decibels obviously reach 0 but when you click one time to increase the volume, the volume measurement can be anywhere between 2 to 4 dB.

The iPhone which has the lowest volume in decibels is iPhone 11 with 2.7 dB. Other iPhones with the lowest volumes in decibel are iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 and all of their models.

Why Do Latest iPhone Models Have Lowest Decibel Levels?

Latest iPhone models have lower volumes because there is an advancement in sound quality and now people look for better quality of audio instead of loudness.

The older iPhone models had speakers that would produce loud sounds but now the Dolby Atmos system has made the volume lower to not create noise.

What is Dolby Atmos?

The sound intensity of the iPhone is controlled by a sound system called Dolby Atmos. They are stereo set up speakers that are best for acoustics and make the sound on iPhone more clear, sharp and contrasty. 

How to Measure the Sound Level of iPhone?

The sound level of an iPhone is determined by how many clicks it takes to reach the maximum volume and how many clicks it takes to silence the phone. The average number of clicks to reach the maximum and minimum sound level is 25 dB.

Maximum Decibel Range of iPhone

Maximum Decibel Range of iPhone

An iPhone can produce the loudest sound of 115 decibels but in most European countries, the highest decibel range in iPhones is 100 dB. 

The iPhones with the highest decibel levels include iPhone 13(100.5 dB), iPhone 6 and 6 plus(115 dB), iPhone 6s(105 dB), iPhone 5 and 5s(104 dB), iPhone 5c(102 dB) and iPhone 14(100dB). The iPhone which has the highest decibel range is iPhone 14 Pro Max that has a decibel range of 103 dB as of 2023. 

Now you must be wondering then how can the highest dB range be 115? It is because iPhone software is designed in a way that they level loud sounds to 100dB and that’s why the sound level cannot reach up to 115 decibels. 

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