How To Watch VR On iPhone Without Headset?

How To Watch VR On iPhone Without Headset
Written by Wesley Bates

A VR set requires a headset so you can fully indulge yourself in the VR. But the headset isn’t affordable to many and they wonder how they can watch VR on an iPhone without a headset. There are some ways by which you can experience VR on an iPhone without a headset.

How to Watch VR Content on an iPhone without Headset?

There are some alternatives that can work in the place of VR that you can try at home:

1- Using Google Cardboard

Using Google Cardboard

If you cannot experience VR with a headset, buy a Google Cardboard and insert your iPhone in it. Download the apps and games that support 360° streaming. There is also a Google Cardboard app that offers VR videos to watch.

You can also make it yourself at home. All you need is cardboard, lenses, magnets, Velcro and rubber bands. Put your iPhone that fits inside and enjoy the full VR experience without a headset.

What to Watch on Google Cardboard Using iPhone Without Headset?

What to Watch on Google Cardboard Using iPhone Without Headset?

1- VR Theater for Google Cardboard

This app is supported by Google Cardboard and you can make your own 2D and 3D videos to watch on this virtual cinema. The controls of VR are simple and easy and it also offers many other VR videos that you can watch on Google Cardboard.

2- Facebook

Facebook also has many 360 degrees VR videos and photos without the headset. Just search 360 videos/photos on Facebook and you will see results of many VR inspired photos and videos. These photos offer a 360 degrees view that you can see by sliding your finger from left to right. 

3- YouTube

Similarly, YouTube also has some interesting VR videos. Search for 360 degree videos there and enjoy VR on IOS using Google Cardboard. 

4- Street View

Street View is a feature in Google Maps that you must have used once to explore different locations. You can enable street view on Google Maps and experience VR without headsets on Google Cardboard using your iPhone.

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