Why Can’t I Upload Photos To Facebook From My iPhone?

Why Can’t I Upload Photos To Facebook From My iPhone
Written by Wesley Bates

If you are using an iPhone to upload photos on Facebook, but unable to do so, the problem can be either in your wifi connection or there must be something wrong with the Facebook app.

You should detect the problem first before trying to find the solutions about why you cannot upload photos to Facebook from your iPhone.

Reasons Why You Are Unable to Post Photos on Facebook from iPhone

Reasons Why You Are Unable to Post Photos on Facebook from iPhone

There can be some factors that are not letting you post photos on your Facebook account from an iPhone. Check if your iPhone or Facebook is experiencing a problem mentioned below:

1- Poor Wifi

If your iPhone has a poor wifi or data connection, your pictures won’t get uploaded on Facebook. 

2- Out-Dated IOS Version

Make sure that the IOS version you are using on iPhone is the latest one. If you are using an old version, it can affect photo sharing on Facebook.

If you still cannot upload on Facebook from your iPhone, check the following solutions.

Ways to Upload Pictures to Facebook from iPhone

You can try out the following ways to upload pictures on Facebook from your iPhone.

1- Update your Facebook

The first thing you should do after updating to the latest IOS version is update your Facebook. Updating your Facebook means you are using the latest Facebook version that can help you upload your photos. To update Facebook:

  • Go to the App Store on iPhone and search Facebook.
  • If there is “Update” written next to Facebook, click on it and Facebook will start getting updated.
  • If there is no “Update” written, proceed to the next solution.

2- Uninstall and Reinstall the Facebook App

Uninstalling Facebook and reinstalling it again will help you get rid of any bugs that are preventing your pictures from uploading on Facebook from an iPhone. 

3- Allow Access to Photo and Video Sharing

Allow Access to Photo and Video Sharing

If you are seeing this message whenever you try to upload pictures on Facebook, it means you need to give permission for video and photo sharing to Facebook on iPhone. Click on “Allow Access” and turn on Camera and Video Sharing options. You can give permissions by going to the settings:

  • Open Setting and go to “Apps” on iPhone.
  • Click on “Permissions” from the list.
  • Now click on “Camera” and “Storage” and turn it on for Facebook.

4- Contact App Developer

Most of the time if your pictures are not uploaded on Facebook from the iPhone, the issue is in the app. Contacting the app developer can give you an insight about the problem and how you can solve it. 

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