What Does No SIM Restrictions Mean On iPhone?

What Does No SIM Restrictions Mean On iPhone
Written by Wesley Bates

When you see “No SIM Restriction” on your iPhone, your first thought might be that it is going to create an issue on your iPhone.

But it is nothing to worry about as it is a good thing. Let’s see what No SIM restrictions mean on an iPhone and how to check if your iPhone has no SIM restriction.

What is Meant by No SIM Restriction on iPhone?

Seeing “No SIM restrictions” on iPhone means that your phone is in an unlocked version and is compatible with all SIM providers. You can use any SIM card from any SIM card provider if you see that your iPhone is on “No SIM Restriction” mode. 

Checking Carrier Lock for No SIM Restriction on iPhone

If you want to check if there is no SIM restriction on the iPhone and it is completely unlocked, you can do it by going to the Settings:

  • After opening Settings, go to General.
  • Click on About and you will see a Carrier Lock tab.
  • Check if there is “No SIM Restrictions” written beside it.
Checking Carrier Lock for No SIM Restriction on iPhone
  • If “No SIM Restrictions” is written, it means that your iPhone is compatible with all SIMs.

How to Unlock Your iPhone to Get No SIM Restriction?

If you want to unlock your iPhone, you have to contact your mobile service provider. They will probably ask your name, account name, account number and your iPhone’s IMEI or MEID number.

If you are eligible to unlock your iPhone, the mobile service provider will give you a code that will help in unlocking your iPhone. 

If you are using a second-hand phone that is still under-contract with some other provider, there is a high chance that you are not eligible for No SIM restrictions. It is best to not use any online paid services to unlock your iPhone as they are not always authentic.

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