Who Unlocks iPhone Near Me?

Who Unlocks iPhone Near Me
Written by Wesley Bates

Unlocking an iPhone means having no SIM restrictions on your iPhone. It means that you can use a SIM from any service provider on your iPhone.

If you need to unlock your iPhone, you have to contact your service provider to unlock the phone. Some people take the iPhone to phone repair shops but you can unlock it by contacting authorized apple service providers.

Steps to Unlock your iPhone

Steps to Unlock your iPhone

You can find the nearest iPhone repair shop to unlock your iPhone. Look for iPhone locking services in local electronic stores to use any SIM provider you want. But you can easily unlock your iPhone yourself too. Following steps will help you in unlocking your iPhone yourself:

1- Contact your Network Provider

Only the network provider that you are using can unlock your iPhone. You have to request them upon contacting them to unlock your iPhone. You need to proceed with the following steps to unlock the iPhone:

  • Request iPhone unlocking to your network provider. Go to their website and contact them through email or call.
  • You have to wait a few days until the process is completed.
  • Once you get a reply that your iPhone has been unlocked, you need to activate your eSIM.

2- Setting Up SIM Card on your iPhone

Setting Up SIM Card on your iPhone

Once you get a green light that your iPhone has been unlocked, the next step is to set up the SIM card from another network provider:

  • Remove the SIM card from your iPhone.
  • Insert the SIM card from the new service provider and your device will get activated.

If you don’t have the new SIM card, follow these steps to confirm unlocking your iPhone:

  • Back up the data on your iPhone.
  • After you have confirmed that your data has been backed up, erase your iPhone.
  • Now restore the iPhone with the back up you have just made. 

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