Why Is My iPhone Making Static Noise When It’s Not In Use?

Why Is My iPhone Making Static Noise When It’s Not In Use
Written by Wesley Bates

If you are an iPhone user and you are hearing static noises when your phone is not in use, it can be annoying as well as worrisome. But sometimes, it is not that big of an issue and you can resolve the problem without much effort. Let’s see how to fix it.

Why is My iPhone Producing Static Sound in Idle Mode?

Why is My iPhone Producing Static Sound in Idle Mode

If you are hearing audio glitches on iPhone, it can be due to these reasons:

  1. There is an application open in your phone that is producing sound even if you are not using your phone.
  2. It is due to the static sound in the music you are playing on your iPhone.
  3. There is some fault in the speakers of the iPhone.

Solutions to stop the Static Noise from Coming Out of iPhone

The solutions are simple and will take only a few seconds or minutes of your time. 

1- Close all the Applications:

Swipe away all the applications that are open on your iPhone. If there is an app that is making the static noise, the noise will be gone when you remove the app.

2- Open Applications One by One to See Which One is Making Noise

You can also check where the static noise is coming from by opening every app on your iPhone one by one. It will help you find out which app is causing troubleshooting audio issues on the iPhone.

3- Restart your iPhone

Simply restarting the iPhone can also help resolve the mobile device audio problems. But before restarting the iPhone, make sure all the apps on the device are closed so you do not run into this issue again.

4- Software Update

Sometimes when an iPhone has some glitches and needs a software update, it produces static noise when not in use. So updating the software can help your iPhone to not make static noises. To update the software of iPhone:

  • Open the Settings on the iPhone and then go to the General tab.
  • Click on Software Update, which is usually the second option in the list.
  • Wait until your device checks if there are any updates that need to be installed.
  • If there are updates, click on “The Latest One” and wait until it downloads and gets installed on your iPhone.

Other Reasons Why iPhone is Making Unusual or Static Noises

Other Reasons Why iPhone is Making Unusual or Static Noises

1- Fallen iPhone

If you have recently dropped your iPhone on the ground, the force could have damaged its speakers. Try to remember if such an incident happened and then proceed with further solutions.

2- Liquid in Speakers

When your iPhone speakers have come in contact with water or other type of liquid, it can disrupt any sound that you are playing when the iPhone is sitting idly somewhere.

3- Other Technical Issues

iPhone mobile device audio problems can also be caused by other technical issues and they need to be fixed from a professional. If none of the reasons and solutions are making the iPhone static noises stop, go to a technician to identify and get rid of the problem.

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