Most Common Phone Issues And Their Easy Fixes

Most Common Phone Issues And Their Easy Fixes
Written by Wesley Bates

Although modern mobile technology has improved the efficiency and ease of our lives, there are times when smartphone problems can be stressful.

Fortunately, there are easy solutions for the 07 most common smartphone issues you can follow without consulting phone repair experts. The problems include low battery, overheating, slow performance, full storage, broken charging port, and Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

7 Common Phone Repair Issues and How to Fix Them

7 Common Phone Repair Issues and How to Fix Them

1.   Low Battery

The issue of your phone never having enough battery life even though you don’t use it constantly is widespread and affects everyone. But don’t worry, because it can be handled easily. Here’s what you have to do.

The Fix:

● To start, try lowering the screen’s brightness and, if not in use, turning off Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS.

● To extend the life of your battery, you can also activate the Battery Saving Mode.

● To find out which apps consume more battery, check your phone’s settings under Battery Usage. If you typically don’t need them, you can disable or close the ones using more battery life. 

2.   Phone Overheating

Battery issues can occasionally have a connection to an overheating phone. However, it also has to do with your charger and the location where you typically keep your phone.

If this happens to you, you should fix it immediately because it could cause significant damage to your phone’s screen and battery.

The Fix:

● Try carrying your phone somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight.

● You can allow your phone to “refresh” for a few minutes before using it again. 

3.   Slow Performance

Everyone has had at least one experience with this. It is the most prevalent problem with mobile phones and is related to older models.

Newer gadgets, though, may have the same issue. Your phone may react if it has a lot of unnecessary apps and files stored in its Random-Access Memory (RAM)

The Fix:

● Wipe off your phone, remove files and apps, and empty the cache.

● If an app you recently installed isn’t functioning correctly on your phone, you should remove it to see if it makes it run faster.

● If none of these solutions work for you, you can also try storing crucial data on your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. After that, you can get your phone’s factory data back.

4.   Full Storage

Perhaps you save excessive documents, music, pictures, and other files even though you don’t need them anymore and don’t delete them.

There are instances when those files are so old that you lose track of their existence on your phone. Unnecessary apps take up valuable storage space that you can utilize for other purposes. Try the following fixes to repair the phone due to a full storage issue.

The Fix:

● Remove any files and applications you no longer need, erase previous phone conversations and text messages, and clear the cache.

● To keep the critical data safe, move the files you want to carry to an online cloud or purchase a microSD card.

5.    Broken Charging Port

With time, charging ports deteriorate. Some of the reasons for this could be misused or dirt. An expert is needed to solve this common issue. You can try a few things to see if it functions again.

The Fix:

● Try using a fresh, dry toothbrush to clean the charging port of your phone before taking it to a repair shop.

● Clean the dust and debris preventing your charging port from functioning correctly with a dry cotton swab.

● Take your phone to the repair shop if this doesn’t work.

6.   Water Damage

Water Damage

Don’t feel scared if your phone gets wet from a drop. This issue is a common occurrence that you can resolve easily.

The Fix:

● Do not turn your phone on.

● Take out the battery and place the phone in a rice-filled bowl. It will aid in the moisture absorption.

● Or take it to a nearby phone repair shop now so they can fix it. 

7.   Problems With Connectivity

Connecting via WiFi or Bluetooth can be challenging. One of the most prevalent issues with Androids is this one, which you can quickly fix with a few easy steps.

The Fix:

● Turn on airplane mode for at least 60 seconds.

● Try connecting again after that.

●     You can also reconnect by turning the problematic connection ON and OFF. 

To Sum Up

These are a few common issues with smartphones and their fixes. If you have encountered difficulties like those listed above, attempt to resolve them immediately.

However, never solve a problem alone if you lack the confidence to do so. When fixing smartphones, choose the top provider of cell phone repair services like Mobile Doctor instead.

Being an efficient service provider, they guarantee timely and efficient assistance. Get in touch with them right now if you need any more help!


Which phone is easy to repair?

About 50% of repairs for the Motorola Moto G7 may be readily performed by users, making it the simplest Android phone to fix right now. In addition, the mean duration needed for fixing this apparatus is relatively minimal—just twenty-five minutes.

What are the common troubleshooting steps for a phone?

Restarting the phone or reinstalling the software can be simple troubleshooting methods for Android phones. For instance, rebooting the phone is the first thing to do when an app isn’t working and may resolve the problem immediately. Another prevalent problem is the Android phone rebooting itself.

What is the most difficult phone to repair?

Google Pixel 7 is the most difficult phone to fix, while the Motorola Moto G7 is the easiest.

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