SaaS Marketing Success: 5 Video Types To Keep An Eye On

SaaS Marketing Success 5 Video Types To Keep An Eye On
Written by Wesley Bates

B2B marketers dabbled into content marketing a decade ago.

They’ve worked on tons of case studies, blog posts, and even ebooks. Each content asset is aimed at drawing leads, and converting them to grow business.

But is it the perfect way to get on with your SaaS marketing campaign in 2024?

Well, no. It doesn’t have to be the only way.

You can leverage video marketing to your advantage. Here’s how SaaS video marketing might help you grow your product’s reach, and drive interest in your potential buyers.

Consumers want more information about a product, and interestingly, 78% of them would prefer to grab that knowledge through an explainer-style video. That’s one reason why new entrants in the SaaS industry rely so heavily on the services of a video animation agency.

Video is effective, and is far easier to convert to your prospect from a video than a long blog post. In this blog, I’ll walk you through three of the best video types you should focus on to boom your SaaS product.

1.  Educational Videos

Educational Videos

This style of SaaS video production can also be known as how-to videos. The purpose of the poster is to educate the audience with some useful information.

This is ideal to attract a great number of prospects into your marketing funnel, without having the need to sell them directly.

You can create a cool bunch of educational videos that will speak to the mind of your prospects, engaging them with core foundational knowledge about a problem, and help them navigate their way to the ideal solution.

In the process, they might not touch your product, but there’s a good chance that a handful of high-interest prospects will sign up for your demo. Or would inquire about your product in a more proactive way.

Case in Point: AhREFs YouTube Channel

The first prominent case study you can get for educational SaaS videos is from the SEO master tool, AhreFs.

Now if you’re familiar with AhRefs you already know that their YouTube channel is full of educational content that pairs up the AhRefs SEO tool with pain points of content creators quite smartly.

People may find useful information about your problems, and will eventually learn how the tool can be a productive partner in their daily lives. It doesn’t end there.

These educational videos first invite the user to install FREE extensions, and start up with trial, so they can get familiar with the tool, and its advanced features.

That’s how AhRefs raises awareness for its SaaS products. Educational videos can be a really effective option to nurture top of the funnel traffic into high-paying customers.

2.  Explainer Videos

This is a must-have. No brand that’s in the B2B SaaS space can deny the need for an explainer video. Explainer videos are like nuggets of gold for any B2B marketer. It could simply be an explainer that showcases your product with a smooth, and fun storytelling approach.

Or it could be even in the form of a product demo video to tap into the more technical segment of your target audience, and convince them to a FREE sign-up. Explainers have worked perfectly to drive leads for lots of brands in the SaaS domain.

Case in Point: Drop Box

Often there is a product that is complex, has a lot of features, which cannot be shown or told of in a short video. The product might be stellar, or even better than what’s currently on the market. Let’s take the example of Drop Box.

Drop Box in its older days couldn’t garner the attention it wanted. As unbelievable as it may sound, it failed miserably to get the prospects to talk about it. That’s when the founder realized that his offering was entirely new to the target market.

So, he created a demo explainer video that will tell people how DropBox works for them. It showed them how to share, and upload files in a matter of clicks.

3.  Testimonials


Here’s probably the most important one. I’m not saying you should count entirely on testimonials to get the word out for your brand. It’s always best to have a video marketing strategy that addresses concerns of a diversity of prospects.

Anyways, here’s how testimonials may help you place your SaaS product on top of the mind of your audience. Testimonials humanize your brand more than any form of content you’ll ever create.

Want to ask why?

Well, it’s a video that’s got a direct message from your customer.

Not just any customer, but a happy, paying one, who will always be delighted to sing your praises. Testimonials can be super-effective in quashing objections of high-level prospects, who are eager to convert, but still have some doubts.

Guide for a Testimonial

Testimonials build rapport. It’s simply a message from a customer who’s speaking directly to your potential customer telling them that your product or service can be trusted to solve the problem.

Facial expressions can trigger empathy, while background music in the sweet 60 seconds testimonial can also spike dopamine of the viewer. Now, you’ve their attention.

It would be ideal to do a thorough research of your SaaS customer. Create an ideal customer profile, make sure to jot down their challenges and wins. Refer to demographics, and psychographics too, if they matter in your specific case.

Case in Point: Slack for Creative Agencies

This is my favorite testimonial example. It comes from SaaS brand, Slack. This one features a creative agency, who’re excited to incorporate Slack as a daily partner in their work lives.

The video is a walkthrough of how Slack elevates productivity of the entire team, and keeps everyone connected despite the fact that they operate from remote locations.

The video just speaks volumes about how good Slack as a team communication tool is.

Wrap up

Let’s wrap this one up. In this blog we covered three of the major types of video content you should start creating for your SaaS product from today. Videos are dynamic, and would appeal easily to most people, who’re naturally inclined to aesthetic visuals.

You can leverage video marketing to drive interest in your product, while also repurpose the same form of content to nurture new traffic into leads, and ultimately convert them into high-paying buyers.

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